Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Losing weight is tough. So often people try and fail — and try again. But 2018 introduced us to people who really understood that losing weight and being healthy involves a lifestyle change more than a fad diet. They’ve shared a lot about what being healthy means and we’ve been wowed by their transformations. Combined, they’ve lost a whopping 1,382 pounds.

Here are the 10 most inspiring weight-loss stories from 2018.

Kevin Gendreau

As Dr. Kevin Gendreau watched his sister die of cancer, he looked at himself. At the time, he was 300 pounds at 5 feet 9 inches tall. He realized his sister had no choice when it came to her health, but he did. He started intermittent fasting and eating lean protein, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy. In just 18 months, he lost 125 pounds.

“I am shocked it works. There is always a new diet but this is very medically sound, which is why I loved it,” he told TODAY.

Since losing 125 pounds, Kevin Gendreau has transformed his health. He no longer needs medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol and reversed his diabetes.Courtesy Kevin Gendreau

Gendreau, a primary care doctor, has maintained a weight of 175 pounds. About 25 percent of his practice is focused on weight loss. While he still fasts, he allows himself more “cheats” and relaxed his eating habits a bit. Losing weight has transformed more than his looks.

“I’ve learned so much about myself,” he said. “I’ve learned that when I put my mind to something and have a good enough reason I can achieve anything. I think my sister would be proud.”

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