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Bariatric surgery is a lifelong commitment and any individual who undergoes this procedure, must be ready to undergo certain lifestyle changes post the surgery. Support groups will help prepare yourself for not only the physical changes of weight loss surgery but also the potential emotional and mental challenges that can come with this type of life change. These changes may be in the form of diet modification, exercise regimen, behaviour modifications, medication use, etc. We need to understand and be totally aware that Bariatrics is not a magical cure which guarantees complete weight management throughout the lifetime of an individual. Our support starts right from the first consultation to up to one-year post-op, through our structured plan and annually after a year. Avail our support group sessions to achieve the best quality of life. Register for the next session below


Support group meetings are conducted on the third thursday of every month as "HIGH TEA" Between 16.00 & 18.00 Hrs. Once registered our coordinator will get in touch with you with regards to the venue. Since we entertain limited memebrs on "first-come-first-served" basis, we recommend you to make use of the next available session.

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Regardless of where a patient is in the process (considering surgery, arriving just prior to the surgery or post-surgery), they are welcome to attend our support group ‘ENLIGHT” and are highly encouraged to bring their loved ones along as well. “Enlight” is a social gathering organised in one of the social hangouts to help our patients get together to share their experiences. Ongoing support after Bariatric surgery leads to the greatest level of success. Why? Because support groups give you a great opportunity to discuss personal or professional issues that arise from surgery or from a history of obesity. And they allow you to surround yourself with people who understand and support your goals, which directly increases your chances of long-term success. Support groups also help you develop realistic expectations. That is, weight loss surgery will not immediately resolve existing emotional difficulties or heal the years of damage caused by a lifetime of being overweight. Turn to them before and after your surgery for short-term questions and long-term camaraderie.


The best way to understand the surgical process and post-operative outcome will be to attend our support group meetings. However, for those who are hard pressed for time, we run an online seminar. This seminar has been simplified for self-learning. The topics included in online seminar are:

  • Obesity & its consequences
  • Bariatric surgical process
  • Diet and nutrition challenge
  • Life after surgery
  • Weight loss workout schedule
  • Various surgical outcome parameters

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