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Medical Tourism

Our highly experienced staff know exactly how to assist outstation and international patients through our dedicated medical tourism and international patient service team. At our center, we go the extra mile to not only provide you with top quality medical treatment but undivided attention and care from the moment you arrive at the airport/train station until you go back home in good health.


India is one of the sort after destination for medical tourism due to its swift top notch medical treatment at affordable cost. Apollo Hospitals, being the first and the largest tertiary care chain in the country, every year we have patients traveling from various parts of the country and international destinations across the globe to seek treatment at our hospitals. For international guests, we provide holistic services through our 24 hours help-desk and in-hospital concierge services. Regardless of your concern, whether it’s about your language, medical history, visa facilitation, assistance with finding a suitable hotel near the hospital for your accompanying relatives or coverage by respective regional, money transfer, national and international insurance providers, our representatives are here to help. Our team has network of surgeon across the globe and will be able to help you with a surgeon in your region to consult during any emergency. Click here to reach out to us.


Telemedicine not only brings healthcare within the reach of population residing in medically inaccessible areas, but also brings medical tourism patients closer to the surgical team for consultation & follow-up. It also allows to seek medical care in case of emergency and otherwise. With the availablilyry of Skype, FaceTime and other social voice & video call apps over wifi, patients are able to consult us from anywhere in the world instantaneously and share medical reports to ensure real-time assessment and the right treatment is delivered. Patients who are wants a preliminary consult before making a decision or unable to travel back for follow-ups after surgery can book an appointment for video consult through our telemedicine services. Being tertiary referral center with JCI accreditation, our Telemedicine services are utilised by around 25% of our patient population on a regular basis. Click here to reach out to us.