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Raj Palaniappan

Director & Lead Surgeon

Dr. Raj is a very well known Bariatric (obesity) Surgeon from India with the distinction of performing almost all types of Laparoscopic surgeries described in world literature. He graduated in 1996 from South India and completed his post-graduation in Surgery in 2000. He super-specialization in Laparoscopy in the UK and is one of the very few qualified master’s degree holders in minimal access surgery.

He worked under the doyens of Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery in the UK, USA, Europe and completed his Surgical Gastroenterology and Robotic fellowships from the USA.

He worked in various teaching institutes & leading corporate hospitals across India before becoming the Director and Lead Bariatric Consultant at Apollo Hospitals (First JCIA International Accredited Hospital in the country), Chennai.

His special interest in Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) & Robotic Surgery has enabled him to become a leading specialist in the respective fields and the first to perform SILS & Robotic Bariatric Surgery in the country. He is also one of the first of his industry to introduce Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery in India. As per news media survey, his unit is one of the top-most advanced Bariatric units, providing solutions to Weight Loss & Resolution of Metabolic diseases through lifestyle changes, Medicines, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy Single Incision, and Robotic Surgery.

His unit has been awarded the best Bariatric surgery unit in South India and the second best in India for four straight years in the running as per the National Survey. He has a keen interest in training surgeons and is a very important decision maker in the National Bariatric Association (OSSI) as a part of its Executive Committee. He is also Honorary Professor of Surgery in Saveetha & Manipal Medical Universities.

He runs his own minimal access educational trust “Forum for Laparoscopic Innovative Practices” (FLIP) and is training more than 25 Surgeons every year. Dr. Raj also has the distinction of being one of the first program Director, running Bariatric fellowship in the country through his Bariatric Center of Excellence Program, again the first of the few in the country.

  • January 1996 – MBBS – Raja Muthiah Medical College, India
  • November 2000 – MS General  – Sri Ramachandra University, India
  • October 2009 – MMAS – Ninewells, Dundee University, UK
  • May 2003 – FICS – International College of Surgeons, USA
  • September 2010 – DMAS – The Global Open University, India
  • February 2010 – FMAS – World Association of Lap Surgeons
  • February 2012 – FALS  – Indian Association of GI Endo Surgeons
  • March 2012 – FRS-International Accreditation Organisation, USA
  • April 2017 – FIBC – International Bariatric Club
  • Director – International Bariatric Club Academy
  • Honorary Professor – Saveetha & Manipal Medical University
  • Faculty – Bariatric Training Program, Department of Surgery, Duke University, Durham, USA
  • Program Director – Fellowship in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery
  • Examiner – Fellowship in IAGES and AMASI, India
  • Editorial Board – World Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Vice-president – International Association Robotic Surgeons
  • Member – International Excellence Federation for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery
  • Committee Member – IFSO App Sub Task Force for the International Federation for Surgery for Obesity & Metabolic Surgery

Dr. Raj is a very well known Bariatric (obesity) Surgeon from India with the distinction of performing almost all types of Laparoscopic surgeries described in world literature. He graduated in 1996 from South India and completed his post-graduation in Surgery in 2000. He super-specialization in Laparoscopy in the UK and is one of the very few qualified master’s degree holders in minimal access surgery.

  • Comparison of short-term outcomes between Single Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Conventional 4-port Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy – International Surgery Journal – Mar 2019;6(3):812-817
  • Erosion of Oesophageal Stent into Left Main Bronchus – Lung India, Jan 2017; 34(1): 76-78

Management of Leaks after Sleeve Gastrectomy, Bariatric Surgical Practice Guide – Springer Publications 2017; pages 201-210

Dr. Raj has achieved various milestones in his career being one of the few in the world to perform and promote SILS surgeries on a regular basis and has designed his own Ergonomic modification for SILS port placement.

He also had designed various traction techniques for the same including the “Hiatal Sling” technique. He is fondly and rightfully called by his seniors and colleagues as ‘ERGONOMIC MAN OF INDIA”.

His interest in technological advancements made him introduce Robotic and Endoluminal Bariatric Surgeries in India as well.

  • World’s first SILS Band to Sleeve revision – July 2011
  • World’s first SILS Band to Bypass revision – September 2012
  • World’s first SILS Band to MGB revision – October 2013
  • Asia’s first Endoluminal Sleeve Gastroplasty – January 2012
  • Asia’s first Endoluminal GJ Stomal Reduction – January 2012
  • Asia’s heaviest Bariatric Surgery (348 kgs) – April 2012
  • India’s first SILS Mini Gastric Bypass – December 2013
  • India’s first Robotic revision bariatric surgery – April 2012
  • India’s first Robotic Gastric Bypass – February 2012
  • India’s first Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy – December 2011
  • India’s first SILS Gastric Bypass – February 2011
  • India’s first Endoscopic Stretta therapy for post sleeve GERD – October 2016
  • India’s first Over-the-scope clip for sleeve leak – March 2017
  • International Federation for the Surgeons of Obesity & Metabolic Surgery (IFSO)
  • International Excellence Federation for Obesity & Metabolic Surgery (IEF)
  • European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (EAES)
  • Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)
  • Asia-Pacific Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Society (APMBSS)
  • Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA)
  • Obesity & Metabolic Surgeons Society of India (OSSI)
  • Indian Association of GastroIntestinal EndoSurgeons (IAGES)
  • Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India (AMASI)


Our Accreditations

BAROS at Institute of Bariatrics, Apollo Hospitals, one of the first few center to start Bariatric surgery in India has been recognized as one of the best center for obesity and diabetic surgery across the globe. With so many India’s and Asia’s first bariatric surgical procedures and techniques including Robotic surgery & Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, the unit by default has won national and few international accreditation. Being one of the best equipped facility with outstanding surgical outcome, BAROS has won the award of best bariatric unit award four years in a row and running.

Center of Excellence

To earn the designation, ‘Center of Excellence’(COE),  hospitals have to go through a rigorous reporting process to the accreditation bodies. Along with having specialized equipment geared towards bariatric patient, they also have to maintain minimum number of surgeries per year and best surgical outcome with regards to weight loss, resolution of comorbidities, mortality-morbidity rates comparable with the international standard to prove their standing. For these reasons its a good idea to have surgery done at an Accredited Center for best outcome.  BAROS has been an accredited COE by International Excellence Federation (IEF) since 2014. The unit is also one of the first accredited center by Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of India (OSSI) since 2018.

JCI Accreditation

Joint Commission International (JCI) works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by offering education, advisory services, and international accreditation. In more than 100 countries, JCI partners with hospitals, and academic medical centers; health systems and agencies; ministries; academia; and international advocates to promote rigorous standards of care and to provide solutions for achieving peak performance. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai is one of the first Indian hospital to get this accreditation since 2006 for providing highest standard of care. As a part of the JCIA unit, all insurance agencies, both national and international will be able to approve the patient’s claims operated through BAROS.